Team selection and reserves

After selecting your team, you may decide you want different Kooks in your team. In the team selection menu it's possible to replace a Kook with a new choice. The previously selected Kook is then added to your reserve list and their data is saved, so you can bring them back to your team later if you change your mind!

Basic Navigation

Simply tap a category icon on the top menu bar to bring it to the Focus Area. You can then hide/show the category by tapping the Focus Area. The food, drink, medicine, play and mini-games sub-menus can be dragged left/right to see additional off-screen items.

Kook Condition

As time passes your Kook's physical and emotional condition changes too, reflecting their needs and growth. It's important to check the Life screen regularly. A value of 100 in the condition screen indicate a Kook is fully experiencing that state and needs care, while a value of 1 indicates a neutral state. You can also see your Kook's personality traits that define how a Kook behaves and the emotion they are currently experiencing.

The personality traits are:

Introverted (Intr) or Extroverted (Extr)
Defensive or Aggressive (Agr)
Thinker (Think) or Feeling(Feel)
Pessimistic(Pess) or Optimistic (Opt)

Status Bar

The heart icon in the status bar below your active Kook shows the Kook's overall physical condition. Green is good condition, while red is bad condition. The mask icon shows the Kook's overall emotional condition. Green is good condition, red is bad condition and grey is bored.

Caring & Basic Needs (Feeding, Sleep, Cleaning and Medical Care)

It's important to look after your Kook's basic needs. If you are low on gold, feed them free items (water + carrots) to keep them going. Remember to put them asleep when you go asleep, so when when you open the game the next morning they will be fully rested and not grumpy little Kook's!

Real Time and Saving Data

Kooky Troop automatically saves data when you exit the game. It runs in real time too, so the next time you open the game their condition will have changed.

Scoring & Trophies + score pop-out

There are two scoring types in Kooky Troop. Care Score & Battle Score. Care score monitors your overall performance in looking after your team. Battle score monitors your performance in battles. They can be quickly accessed by tapping the 'S' icon on the right hand side of the screen, under the main menu.

Trophies can also be won through battling.

Kook Interaction

Your Kook's can be poked (single tap), stroked (vertical swipe gesture), tickled (short swipes in different directions) and pinched (two-finger pinch-like swipe) to invoke different emotional responses.

Mining, Gym, Hospital

A Kook will need to be in good physical condition if you want to send them to the mine or the gym. Mining earns gold, the Gym increases a Kook's strength and the Hospital helps sick Kook's get well.

Gold Store

If you can't wait your Kook to earn more gold in mine, you can purchase it with a small price. Many item (food, drink etc.) views contain gold icon with a plus sign, click it to proceed to the Gold Store and select a suitable gold package for you. Money transaction takes safely place in Microsoft Windows Phone Store.

Magic pills

Magic pills are an instant cure for Kook's that are in really bad condition. They reset all of the Kook's physical and emotional parameters to their starting values.

Play items

Play items are a good way for your Kooks to chill out and have some fun. Play items will increase your Kook's happiness, useful if they are in a bad emotional state.


There are three types of mini-games: Attack, Defense and Mining. Playing these games increases your attack, defense and mining skill values which can be seen in the Life screens. Attack and Defense skills are used in Battle, while the Mining skill helps you earn gold quicker.


The travel screen lets your Kooks travel to new exotic locations. To travel to a new location there must be a path (dots) connecting it to your current location.